Karimi Electromech Systems is proud to have completed its eighteen years of electrical engineering services and manufacturing excellence.

Throughout these eighteen years, KES growth and success has been the result of clearly defined corporate objectives. Today KES enjoying good reputation in the electrical engineering services and manufacturers a range of field proven quality products, unequalled by any local manufacturers.

KES most important assets is its people. It has taken KES these eighteen years to complete our management team. Our specialized management team consists of experienced and qualified people completely committed to the customer needs. Professionally qualified people are employed in management functions and manufacturing processes is regularly carried out as part of our company policy and will continue to manufacture quality switchgear products well into the twenty first century.

We are proud also of the fact that our size and structure allows to be flexible and sensitive to the specific needs of all clients. All of our products allow for a degree of flexibility to ensure that the delivered product conforms exactly to specified requirements.

We look forward to being of assistance on your next project.